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About me

I love giving birth to stories, experiencing the magic of the muse delivering characters and their lives through me. I’m grateful for the readers that make it possible to share the experience. I live a short distance from my place of birth in downtown Phoenix, Arizona. I love baseball, walking, yoga, writing, hanging out at coffeehouses and spending time with my family. I am the father of two wonderful daughters, one of whom passed to the next dimension in May of 2018. 


Next up— Summer and July, coming July 7, 2020

I have described “Summer and July” as being about a crush between a gothic girl and a surfer girl who help each other through a difficult time in each other’s lives. I needed to learn to surf in order to tell the story properly, and I hope I have done justice to surf culture, which is impossible to look on as an outsider without feeling affection for it. Pictured above is my older daughter, Eleri, at her first surf lesson in San Diego, where she rode a wave for eleven seconds! She and my wife Keri and I all took lessons the next summer in Venice, CA. Dude, I’m so excited to share this novel, which is my favorite so far. 


Echo’s Sister

Echo’s Sister is about a 12 year old girl whose world is turned upside down when her little sister is diagnosed with a rare childhood cancer. The novel was informed by my family’s own experience with cancer, which began when my younger daughter, Harmony, was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma at the age of 7. It is a work of fiction, and was for me a good way to process and find the meaning and strange beauty of what we were going through. Harmony passed to the next dimension in May of 2018 after a battle that lasted two years and 3 months. She remains my teacher and inspiration, as she is for many. Pictured above is one of Harmony’s classmates, Olivia, reading the novel inspired by her friend. The book has been translated to Spanish as Cometas Y Deseos with Italian coming in September 2019 and others likely to follow.


Train I Ride 

Train I Ride was inspired by the lyric from the Elvis Presley/Junior Parker song, “Mystery Train.” I decided that it would be an adolescent female that spoke the line “The train I ride is sixteen coaches long,” and from that point, she pretty much told the story to me. I’m amazed at how far Rydr’s journey has taken her, and I’m glad to be along for the ride.


Get In Touch

I love doing school visits, so please tell me if you are interested! Skype/FaceTime is always free. In person visits are free to Phoenix area schools and libraries, and further-flung visits I ask for the cost of travel plus one hundred dollars. I love doing it, so I want to make it work for you! Email or text me. Online booking will be added shortly. Publishing and rights inquiries can be directed to my agent, Katie Grimm, at Thank you!



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